Must-Have For a Maternity Wardrobe

You can stay fab and totally comfortable without necessarily ditching all of your pre-pregnancy clothes. As an expecting mother, however, you always need to make room for additional maternity essentials like one of the best leggings for pregnancy, a couple of belly bands, or some convertible pieces of clothes that you may need throughout your pregnancy and even beyond. On this post, we share the maternity wardrobe essentials that can help you in building your pregnancy wardrobe.

Major retailers and several designer outlets are making beautiful, trendy clothes for pregnant and nursing moms. If you are on a budget, you can also check out e-commerce sites that sell pre-owned designer maternity clothes.

For a stress-free shopping, consider these tips:

Athleisure wear is one of the options if you are not the type who would go for maternity-specific clothing. Athleisure is the latest trend in fashion. As many opt to wear workout and athletic clothes for purposes other than sports activities, manufacturers re-design their product line of sportswear to meet the requirements and demand of their customers. These clothes are made of comfortable and stretchable materials and they can be worn almost anywhere.

But you can’t just follow the fad. It’s still best that you know what feels right on your body. So, even if you prefer to shop online, take some time to visit a maternity store and try a few styles that will not only look good on you but will make you feel comfortable. Remember that what could best fit you months before you got pregnant may not suit you now, so you have to make sure you get the right size as you decide which style to go for.

There’s really nothing that should lower your confidence, even with some of the unpleasant changes that come with your condition. Remember that not everyone is given the chance and the responsibility to carry a child in her womb. You should find ways to enjoy the nine months ahead of you. And one of the ways to do that is to experiment on a new look. Use this time to try something new. The process won’t just lift your confidence, but it will make you find joy in the journey to motherhood. Soon it will be over and you’ll have your turn of doing one of these things: keeping your maternity clothes, lending them, giving them away, even, perhaps earning from them.

Maternity Wardrobe Essentials

By this time, you might have already realized the importance of preparing your maternity wardrobe even during the early part of your pregnancy. When building your pregnancy wardrobe, remember to include these must-haves.


There are so many styles and brands that offer maternity-friendly pieces of underwear. Any style that fits you will just be fine, you just have to consider the size, material, as well as the quality of stitches as these will affect the level of comfort that you may feel while wearing those undies.

Note that if you maintain a healthy weight before your pregnancy, you can expect to gain anywhere from 25 to 35 pounds throughout your pregnancy. However, you won’t gain much during your first trimester. Expect about 2 to 4 pounds added during this period. After that, you can expect to gain about a pound a week. Considering this, you need to make sure that you find pieces of underwear that are about a size or two bigger than your pre-pregnancy undies. You don’t need to feel about not ever having to use your pre-pregnancy underwear, as a few months after you have given weight to your child, you will probably be able to wear them again.

Anyway, there are pieces of maternity underwear that are designed to provide full coverage for the baby belly, some are low liners. It really depends on what makes you comfortable. One that is made of cotton, will also be the best at keeping you cool, dry, as well less at risk of developing yeast infections.


As your pregnancy progresses, you will notice that your breasts will be larger, especially at the beginning of your 6th to 8th week. Don’t be surprised to see that your breasts have grown to a cup or two larger. Considering this, you will need to find a bra with a size one or two cups larger than your pre-pregnancy brassieres.

You should also consider breast support as your primary focus when finding the best bras for pregnancy.  Bra extenders are a good way to use your regular bra if you have naturally small breasts as they won’t really be growing much. There are so many brands that offer maternity brassieres that you can also wear after giving birth.

Sports bras are also a good option as they provide extra support. You may also find it comfortable sleeping with a bra/cami combo at night just like many other expecting mothers.


A great pair of maternity jeans will be most likely one of your most essential piece of clothing during your pregnancy. They usually come with panels instead of a regular zipper and fly combination. There are pieces that are made to be low and some are made with a full over-the-belly panel. To know which will best suit you, try a few pairs and decide which will be most comfortable for you.

If you’d rather have anything other than maternity pants, you may opt for jogger style pants with drawstring closures and elastic waistbands.

If you really can’t bear to give up your pre-pregnancy pairs of pants, you can still wear them with the help of an ever reliable belly or maternity band. Hold and keep them up with one of these elastic bands. No one would know that you are still wearing your pre-loved pair of jeans. Just put on a top that will hide the band.

Maternity Leggings

Find a pair that will provide adequate support without being too tight, are made with a breathable material, and quite elastic so you can wear them as your belly expands.

Maternity skirts

Always consider comfort when looking for the right fitting skirts. There are skirts made as fold-over and some with elastic bands. Opt for a few that will accommodate your growing bump.


Some moms still prefer wearing body-con T-shirts, others prefer less restricting and flowy longer tops or blouses. Any of these will just look great with jeans or leggings. Always consider keeping your wardrobe simple and comfortable. You can just add a statement necklace or earrings to dress up your outfit.


Find well-fitting shoes that provide support to your ankles and soles. It is best to find a few pairs that provide more room for your feet, especially your toes, as they will usually swell during the latter part of your pregnancy. As always, it is better to play safe and consider buying flats and low-heeled shoes than otherwise.


Maternity tights and stockings can help prevent varicose veins and excessive swelling. Some are even made with panels designed to cover and provide support for the baby belly. As always opt for a pair or more that will not be too tight or too restricting.


There you have it, the must-have for your maternity wardrobe. Again, you should not stress out. Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. Find the right pieces even during the early phase of your pregnancy, so you’ll have more time to celebrate your pregnancy than worry about having to find the most suitable pregnancy essentials later on.

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