Homemade Pregnancy Tests With Sure Results

So, you think you are pregnant? But, there seems to be no easy way to know whether you are really pregnant since you are in a far-flung area where clinically proven professional maternity test kits are not easily accessible. Don’t worry. There are other easy methods that you can use that will provide accurate results just like one considered as the best pregnancy test.

There are homemade pregnancy tests that will help you know if you are having a baby. These are easy to do and does not cost a dime. You won’t have to go out to buy the ingredients or parts needed to do a pregnancy test. If you are doing the test correctly using your morning hour’s first urine sample, you can be assured to get an accurate result just like you used one of those digital or standard pregnancy test devices available in the market today. Note that all the tests which use a woman’s urine to check maternity status rely on human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG ) or the level of pregnancy hormone present in the urine.

Before you go ahead and find what you will need to test your urine, you’ll need to consider the signs that you may be experiencing at the moment. Could you really be pregnant? Here are some signs that can help tell if you’re on your way to becoming a mom.

becoming a mom

  1. Nauseous or shortness of breath.

If you find it difficult doing things that you normally do as you end up short in breath after a few walks or going up in a flight of stairs, or while doing other things in your routine, you are probably growing a baby inside your tummy. This little munchkin is sharing with the air that passes in and out of your lungs. Thus, putting a bit of pressure to your lungs.

  1. You feel tired and sleepy quite easily. Your pregnancy hormones are probably acting up. You will experience this throughout your first trimester, but will gradually stop by the fourth month.
  2. Swollen breasts. This is another sign that you are pregnant. Your breasts feel sore and get bigger as your pregnancy develops. You will also notice your areolas taking a darker tone as your chest becomes more pronounced.
  3. Your period is missing in action. This is the first sign that signals women that they are having a baby. There are times that your menstruation may come in late, but if it does not show up in about two weeks after your expected date for your period to begin, you will need to test your urine using a homemade pregnancy test.
  4. Food cravings or aversion for some food. Did you notice a change in what you’d like to eat in the past few days? You suddenly want to have corn in the morning when you never would like to eat it any time of the day. Your favorite chicken dish makes you want to throw up. If you begin to notice that you’re developing some food issues, then you could just be having a tiny baby convincing your body to have something else than what you normally would want to have.
  5. Mood swings. You suddenly get upset whenever your hubby gets near you, or you get annoyed when you see things around you not fixed the way you want them to be arranged. Perhaps you get too emotional too easily as you listen to a neighbor’s baby crying out to her mom. If you find yourself in unexplainable mood swings then you could probably be pregnant.

Now it’s time to check if you are indeed soon to become a mother.

Homemade Pregnancy Test: The Facts

Homemade pregnancy tests are used to detect the amount of HCG produced upon conception. You can do this by mixing your morning urine with particular mixtures that will be provided later on. HCG is a hormone that is created when a woman is pregnant.

Unlike a standard or a digital pregnancy test device, a homemade pregnancy test works only after three weeks and more after an unprotected intercourse.

Some tips before you do a pregnancy test using a homemade solution

  • Do the test early morning with your first urine sample as this has the maximum level of HCG.
  • Drink plenty of water the night before so that you will have more pee in the morning. Note that a higher amount of liquid will give you better results, a minimal amount may only give an unclear result.
  • You’ll have to be patient when using a homemade pregnancy test. You’ll need at least 10 minutes or longer to see the results. Note that the reaction will not take longer than half an hour.
  • To verify the result, you may repeat the procedure or try other homemade pregnancy tests.

Here are some of your options for a homemade pregnancy test

The Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

All you will need to do this test is a plastic cup, a lump of toothpaste (any plain white toothpaste will do), and your morning urine. You’ll need to pee directly in the cup with a lump of toothpaste in it. Waiting time is about 10 minutes for a reaction to occur. A positive pregnancy will turn the color of the toothpaste into blue or make it foam. Otherwise, there will be no reaction at all.

Reminder: To have a better result, make sure to have an equal amount of urine and toothpaste in the cup.

The Soap Pregnancy Test

For this method, you will need a plastic cup, a small cut of soap that will fit in the cup, and your morning urine. Follow the same method as with the toothpaste test. If the soap becomes frothy or foams, then you are pregnant. No reaction only means that you are not pregnant.

The Sugar Pregnancy Test

You will need the following to this test: a plastic cup, white granulated sugar, and your morning urine. Just like the first two tests, you’ll need a proportionate amount of the urine and the sugar to have a better result. Waiting time is just as the first two options. If you see the sugar clumping after 10 minutes, then you have a positive result. Negative pregnancy will cause the sugar to dissolve.


To confirm your findings, you can check with an OB who will require you to have a blood test. This is a sure way to know if you are indeed pregnant or just experiencing symptoms of other health concerns.

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