One may wonder what is the best mattress for pregnancy. Well, you do not get a straightforward answer but a series of requirements. Reason being, various people have differing bodily changes. For instance, some may sweat more than others during pregnancy. Some may be heavier than others depending on previous weight. Nonetheless, here is a guide based on various pregnancy stages and their subsequent requirements.

The first Trimester

During this stage, lots of restlessness and general fatigue will be experienced. It is a marvel that in the first stage one feels too tired already. What most people do not realize is the fact that the stage is the most essential for baby growth. Thus, the mother should rest fully and stay as healthy as possible. An afternoon nap is best advised, and a good mattress should come in handy. Also, exercise in the morning hours and avoid too much fluid intake before bed time.

Those who sleep on their stomachs better utilize as much of that position during this trimester. With a fast-growing bump, it might get quite hard to do so over time. As the pregnancy progresses, sleeping position should change to lying on the left. That makes sure the baby is getting enough of nutrients and blood. It also aids kidneys in ridding the body’s unwanted fluids.

The Second Trimester

While you are probably getting used to pregnancy, leg cramps among other challenges could be an issue. As the baby gets closer to the stomach, one could experience heartburns among other mild complications. All of which translate into disrupted sleep. To abate the mild reactionary levels, avoid spicy foods, and only take light servings. Standing for some time after eating also works quite well. Then, get a soft mattress capable of taking in your body’s pressure. Thus, ensuring you get well rested. In addition to the soft mattress, you might want to throw in a few cushions for support. In case you find a soft mattress with memory foam, the better. Adjustability to body curves is a bonus with weight increments by the day.

The Third Trimester

Due to the weight of the baby weighing down on the spine, most pregnant women experience lower back pain. Sleep satisfaction levels further deteriorate due to increased urges to wake up at night. Getting out of bed might also develop into a serious issue. That applies both for extending sleep into late hours, and difficulties in physically getting out of bed. To take care of the latter, get an adjustable bed, with a flexible mattress.

To manage stress levels at the lower back, stretching is recommended. As for beddings, one can place pillows at the back, to shoulder the heavy belly. Extra pillows between the knees also help in improving comfort levels.


The process of nurturing another life, is demanding to say but the least. It is also natural for the mother’s sleep patterns to get interrupted. However, that can be managed to keep off sleeplessness-related complications. One simple way of doing that is through acquisition of a suitable mattress. Soft mattresses with memory foams at the top are available in plenty. Just visit the mattress shop and discuss concerns with the sellers. Since they deal with pregnant women all year round, it would not be a surprise to have them offer a few suggestions.

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